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Eating is getting so important to everyone’s daily life. In these days, people not just want to fill up their stomach by eating food but also want to enjoy quality dishes and indulge their taste buds.

Modern cooking has become another kind of art to some extend. Australia is such a culture diverse country.  Food plays such important role in culture. Different cultures bring a huge varies of cooking styles. So no wonder Australia has so many different types of restaurant with relatively small population.

When you have too many options, it is hard to choose. In the old days, you have to look up yellow pages to find restaurants. But with help of internet and mobile phone, you can find hundreds of thousands restaurants in Australia in just seconds on your finger tips.

But how do know which one is good and which one is not. Thanks god we have restaurant review sites like Google, Urbanspoon, Yelp etc. These websites provide customer  reviews and ratings for these restaurant. But go through all these reviews sites are also time consuming and it is a pain to some degree.

Another problems with these review sites are some reviews could be very bias or even fake. For instance, they don’t stop the restaurant owners to register multiple accounts and provide super positive ratings. On the other hand, they also don’t stop competitors to publish attacking comments to their competitors.

I know some firm even got hired to do fake reviews and rating for the purpose of boosting their clients’ business. That’s why we cannot reply on just one review site.

So we come up with this website to help you out. We compile the reviews and calculate the ratings for you. Also getting a menu is also just a click away from our website.

We only have a small team and getting these ratings compiled and updated time consuming. But we work smartly with people like you.  If you are a regular customers for a restaurant. Shoot us an email and tell us your dining experience.

At the moment we only provide the list for major cities in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Cost and Canberra. But as our team grow and getting more resources, we will expand the lists.

Or if you are restaurant owner and you think you deserve to be on the list drop us an email as well.  However we cannot guarantee you will be on the list. We will do our research before we put anyone on the list.

What this website can offer doesn’t stop here. Finding a good restaurant is important, but finding a good deal is also important. Unless you don’t care money, most people still want to enjoy good food with good value.

It is not hard to find good deals for restaurant. All it costs you is time. We are a time conscious website. So whatever we can save you time, we do it.

That’s the other part of this website can do for you. Find the deals. We publish hot dining deals sourced from internet on a regular basis. We know you are too busy to check out our website regularly. No worries. You can subscribe our newsletter. Whenever a new deal is published you will get the email. Simple as that.

 As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we also do “something else”. Restaurant business is a big thing in hospitality. We try to differentiate our site to other food only blog. We want to write up some posts for people working or want to work in restaurant as well. There are some certificates you need to get before working for a restaurant like RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol: http://www.rsaonlineguide.com.au)  if you service alcohol or Food Handling Certificate if you are dealing with food.  We will cover that in other posts in the future. Please keep turned.